Welcome to B'nai Tikvah!
Welcome to B'nai Tikvah!
B'nai Tikvah

Welcome to B'nai Tikvah, the friendliest shul in town! We are pleased to invite you to join our community. This page can help you pay your membership fees safely and securely using PayPal, without giving your credit card number to the Treasurer. If you want to pay your fees all at once, you can do so here. If you purchased High Holy Days tickets this year then choose one of the discounted options for High Holy Days patrons:

Annual Membership Fees

If you want to pay your fees monthly, you can do so here with a PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account yet then one will be created for you:

Monthly Membership Fees

For more information contact B'nai Tikvah at 760-650-2262 or email info@bnaitikvahsd.com