When’s the last time you were in a place …            

… Where you feel like a part of the majority instead of always feeling out of place?  

… Where you are treated as an individual, not a number?   

… Where your kids have a shared heritage with their friends?   

… Where people get your jokes?  


Be a member of a group that’s so exclusive, its’ roots were establish over 5000 years ago. 


Congregation B’nai Tikvah is that place...

In today’s hectic world, when people are lacking personalized attention and time for relationships, one Synagogue in North County is working to bring Jews of all backgrounds and needs together. We are a full service Synagogue catering to the needs of all our members.  We have an inspiring Rabbi and talented Cantor who will leave you humming Jewish prayers as you walk out the door. 


At B’nai Tikvah, you will never be just a number.  You will have an opportunity to build friendships and a connection to other Jewish people in North County.  We are a multi-generational congregation that welcomes Jews of all backgrounds.  We are both kid-friendly and senior-friendly and recognize the gifts that all people bring to a community. 


  • We offer a 1-day a week Hebrew School, leaving weekends free for precious family time.
  • We offer both a Reform Friday evening Shabbat service and a more Conservative Saturday morning service. 
  • Our programs include a Family Service with a fabulous potluck dinner, Men’s Club poker nights, enjoyable Sisterhood gatherings, Musical Shabbat, fun Holiday Celebrations, Community Events, Torah Study and Conversion Classes. 

As a member of the oldest club around – a member of “the tribe,” you can give yourself and your family a place to call home.

Who will feel comfortable at B’nai Tikvah?

We are proud to welcome those who are Jews by choice or by birth, those seeking conversion or simply information, and those never before involved with the Jewish community. We welcome interfaith and same sex families, seniors, adults, couples, singles, young professionals and college students.

What about membership dues?

Membership is vital to the continued well-being and even the continued existence of the temple. B’nai Tikvah remains committed to being accessible to every person seeking a Jewish community. It has always been our policy that financial capacity will never be a barrier to membership. Special payment arrangements may be granted to members experiencing a financial hardship. To learn more about membership, contact Membership Chair, Mark Haskell, mhaskell@bnaitikvahsd.com.


In order to worship as a member for this year's High Holy Day services, your application must be received two weeks prior to Rosh Hashanah. High Holiday admission is included free with membership.  Membership runs from July 1 through June 30.



A Place to Belong...
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Where all Jews feel welcome
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